Hotel Units Security

An important part of the services offered by Romanos Group is the Security of Hotel Units.
Hotel Units is a space that brings together…

Stores Security

Guided by professionalism and discretion, Romanos Group undertakes the static security of all types of stores (shopping malls, department stores or small neighborhood stores, etc.).

VIP Protection

Romanos Group and its staff are experts in VIP Protection offering a sense of confidence and responsibility. VIP Protection is a sensitive area and needs special management, since it concerns physical integrity.

Municipalities Security

Romanos Group thanks to its experienced and qualified staff, is able to cope with all the conditions that will arise and to offer a sense of security and confidence to all citizens of the municipality that will take over.

Personal Guard

Romanos Security provides a pioneering service in alliance with technology for your personal care. Responding to the increased demands of the market, our Company provides an online security monitoring system with many features, easy to use and direct communication at any time.