Municipalities Security

Romanos Group thanks to its experienced and qualified staff, is able to cope with all the conditions that will arise and to offer a sense of security and confidence to all citizens of the municipality that will take over.

The responsibilities of the municipal authorities include, among others, the safekeeping and protection of municipal property. Municipal property is defined as the things that have been made directly available to the public (public utilities), as well as the things that are intended for the service of municipal purposes (municipal buildings and municipal facilities, etc.).

The services provided are not restrictive and vary from project to project depending on the circumstances.

Romanos Group in order to overcome the problems that the peculiarities of each project could create in the implementation of its design, it adopted a general framework of actions. Its implementation by the security staff ensures each of its clients from threats that have been proven to be characterized as common factors whose absence could disrupt the smooth and efficient operation of the space that is called to guard.